Diversity is a road to quality in a university. The experience, insight and knowledge that people of varied backgrounds bring to teaching, engagement and research is essential to success. Richness of experience and breadth of perception enhances our ability to identify problems and develop and communicate solutions in new ways.

Respecting the value of people addresses unfair discrimination at its point of germination and promotes the development of a successful environment for work and study. Focusing on the merits that an individual brings to the university breaks away from the tendency to make normative assumptions about the inherent superiority of long-dominant groups.

We’ve made good progress over the last year. We now have an independent mediation service with qualified Mediators, new and active staff networks, equality and diversity co-ordinators and new approaches to tackling bullying and harassment with trained Bullying and Harassement Advisors. We are putting a lot of effort into completing Equality Analysis for all our policies, making continual review part of normal working, rather than an occasional compliance requirement.

    The 2012/13 Annual Report outlines the good progress that we have made over the last year.
to read a copy please go to the External E&D website


Listen! sets out the strategic framework for our work on equality and diversity up to 2017. Click here to read more about our Policy, Strategy and Listen! The Action Plan that is drawn from it, identifies, our key equality objectives and actions at the corporate level for the remainder of this academic year and the whole of
2012-13. It also defines the key performance indicators and targets we will use over those two years to measure our progress towards fairness.